Let Us Pray...

with Ming

Prayer Requests

For my Landlord

over a year ago by Michelle Pray for me
I'm going through a lot here with a work comp injury, that is taking longer than anticipated to heal. With this, work comp pay is so menial and I have a landlord who will not give me the proper lease or papers to get help in making my rent and is constantly asking "GOT CASH for me","GOT CASH for me" and now is the time she is telling me I need to go and is telling me she is coming to pack my things and take what she wants and sell for more money. I'm asking for a prayer for my LANDLORD here, please pray that she finds what she is doing is wrong, that she finds FAITH in GOD and heals. I'm concerned for me yes, but I know God is working on this and helping (if you would like to add me to the prayer I appreciate it) But she's the one who really needs HELP!!!! Thank you.........Amen.

Mothers birthday

over a year ago by ALICIA Pray for me
my deceased mother birthday would have been today 12/13 Happy Birthday!

Prayer so that a friend doesn't lose his house

over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
I'm asking if you could please pray for friends of mine who have mediation for a loan modification on their house. The wife has cancer and doesn't have much longer to live (it's in her bones now and nothing is working). For them to have their home taken away right now would not be right. Please pray that they let her live her final days in the home where they have raised their kids and that they are able to have a less stressful final Holiday together. Thank you, God Bless all who pray for them. Thank you all so far who have prayed, this was postponed for a couple months. Praise the Lord that they are still in their home, and she can be resting comfortably through her final days. Amen

Please pray that when I take this biopsy

over a year ago by God choosen Pray for me
That they will find nothing wrong and I receive a clean bill of health. Praise the LORD.

Prayer for a Job to save my home

over a year ago by Oakley Pray for me
I am asking for a double prayer, I recently lost my job and I have been sending out resumes everyday with no real response. I ask you to please send up prayers for me to get a decent job, so that I can pay to keep my home and not be homeless this winter. I thank you all for your prayers for and my situtation and know that I am praying for you also. Thank you, Oakley