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Submitted 05/16/2013


On the Morning of March 31st 1987, around 3:00 am, as I slept alone in my apartment, I was aroused by three very gentle tugs of my bed covers, by the foot area of the bed. I had my bed covers up around my neck, which is always how I sleep. I did not awaken, but was aware of SOMETHING. I guess I fell back to sleep, but the same three gentle tugs came again. I again was aroused, but again did not open my eyes. The third time the tugging happened, I was aroused enough to turn around to my right, and open my eyes.
What I saw was a most BEAUTIFUL man standing, now away from my bed, by the side of my bedroom wall. A white light surrounded him from head to foot. All I could see of his skin, were his hands and face, which was a dark bronze type color, but not real dark. He was not looking at or facing me now but was facing my living room door, which was open. As I stared at him I took in his garment. He was wearing the most beautiful white long robe .He had a sash around his waist of the same color, but about 6 inches high. The white robe was a color white that I remember as so beautiful that I had never seen such a beautiful cloth before. He had a white turban wrapped around his head, which covered all hair. Like I said, all I could see was his face and hands. He stood very straight and his arms were straight down by his side. What a BEAUTIFUL FACE he had. He had to have been almost 8 feet tall. I say that because my ceilings in that apartment were at least that high, and he almost reached the ceiling.

He said " DO NOT BE AFRAID, IT IS THE VOICE OF GOD, READ ISAIAH, MAN OF THE PATIENT REALM. " At this point, I do not know how he got from the wall to the side of my bed, but somehow he was right there. He reached out his mighty arms as he bent over coming down, as if he were going to pick me up. Which is exactly what he did. All of a sudden I was cradled in his arms, but I now felt as if I was just a little baby, cradled in the arms of her mother, wrapped in a warm blanket. Then I heard a noise that sounded like a whizzing sound, and we were moving in that sound. Then, we were standing on a very rich and beautiful earth, which somehow I could seem to feel with what seemed now to be BARE FEET. We were in some sort of what seemed like a market place of some kind. There were others walking around like him, in the same white robes... some were alone and some were walking in twos. We were facing a booth, which resembled a booth at a carnival.

Inside the booth were three rows high of the largest vessels, hand crafted, in type... He then said to me, standing on my right side, "choose something". I said, " I don't have any money". He then answered, "YOU DON'T NEED MONEY HERE, EVERYTHING IS FREE". At this point I remember hearing that same whizzing sound and remember that we again seemed to be moving at a great speed. Now we are again standing by the same side of my bed. He very slowly begins to lean over, with me in his arms, again feeling like a child cradled in a warm blanket, he begins to lean over and carefully and very gently places me back into my body. I could now feel my body in the bed, and he was gone. I thought about it for a while, because it all happened so fast.

Realizing that SOMETHING happened, I got up out of bed and turned on a nightlight to write down "Isaiah, man of the patient realm". For the next few days I read the book of Isaiah. I found out that God is REAL, and that he heard all my cries for help and proof that he was indeed there.

Submitted 2009

Dearest Ming,

It’s taken me a few days to gather my thoughts and all what has transpired since the miracle call of “A” last August 2008 after two years of dead silence.  In the months to follow that up until Dec. 2008 our conversations were filled with dreams, being together, laughter, joy, excitement and planning.  A great distance has separated us due to his work that he can’t leave.  But he was calling almost every day with hours of conversation.  You mapped out to the T, what he was thinking about, what he was doing, and our re-union.  You enlightened our paths through prayers, angelic words, love, and working behind the scenes (I know how much you and the prayer partners do and it makes my heart, my soul, love you all to eternity)..  You lifted every stone that crossed my path as there where many other hurtles in my life path (finances, family, son, daughter, work…etc.)  Bless the good and the bad you said….I hear those words as I walk through this journey of FAITH and BELIEF knowing that our dear Lord is looking after me.

In January 2009, changes in conversations began….they where shallow and slowly the “rings” began to fade.   Words changed from “WE” to “YOU” or “I”.  Ming, you never steered from the miracle and said that the swing from “GOOD” to “EVIL” was by the words of another who placed judgment on me.  This affected “A” path and his choices…making things filled with doubt and fear. 

You knew exactly what triggered this “new” behavior and that the other person, a family member, was just concerned about their piece in the estate.  You still kept on pressing…..when the angels say yes you will be together and married…..believe…YES, YES, YES.  The faith again, the knowing of victory, the blessings ahead, and the TEMPTATIONS that come along this journey we all must know.  We began praying for an ally and for God to remove the darkness that clouded his mind. 

Break through, break through came last Friday when I heard his soul, his heart again….with laughter, with jokes, with kisses, with over 2 hours of “excitement” and again today.  The change was a miracle, it was a prayed answered within God’s time.  Again, your words ring…..”bless the good and the bad”.  Times were very sad, very lonely, very confusing for me the last two months but you kept me from spinning out of control and walking away.   You also stated that he was depressed and he came out and said….I was depressed.  I tried to focus on the outcome and not on the battle….as you knew that I or should I say God’s will would be VICTORIOUS!!!  He had etched this union in stone and no one could break us. 

We have our ally now…..we always had……we had you, the angels, God, his son….and all the prayers in the world.   There are more miracles to come ….more of what you have seen, have heard, have predicted right down to the details of the “ring”.  My message to all........Believe Ming’s words with all your heart….don’t go down the darkest alley or let negative thoughts come your way…..WE are all tested and tempted but pray that God leads you into heavens gates…..and ask for clarity and for forgiveness…..Miracles will then be on your way.








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