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Out On A Limb - Full Movie - Shirley MacLaine


Shirley MacLaine - Out on a Limb - Metaphysical MovieIf you enjoy metaphysical films, then you'll love this one which covers the following topics and more: synchronicities, karma, metaphysics, reincarnation, Edgar Cayce, Pleiadians, soul groups, spirit guides, akashic records, out of body experiences, co-creators, channeling, extraterrestrials, innerterrestrials, past lives, spiritual paths, nazca lines and UFOs.

Out on a Limb was an autobiographical book written by Shirley MacLaine in 1983 and adapted for television in 1986. The ABC Television miniseries starred Shirley MacLaine (playing herself), John Heard as "David Manning", and Charles Dance as "Gerry Stamford".

It details MacLaine's journeys through new-age spirituality. We follow McLaine from California to various locations including New York and Europe, culminating in a life-changing trip to the Andes mountains in Peru. Central characters include "David" who is, according to MacLaine herself, a composite character, "Gerry Stamford", a married man and member of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom, with whom McLaine was having an affair, and real-life close friend and politician, Bella Abzug (played by Anne Jackson). Taken from both VHS and Betamax sources recorded during the orignal broadcasts and divided into 24 parts for YouTube. You will also find the original ABC Monday Night Movie promotional spot that aired just before the broadcast of the conclusion of the miniseries.






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